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Coming Soon

Hi, Friends

Brad and Chad here. As you may have heard, our merchandising company shuttered its doors this past December with zero notice and left ourselves, along with countless other hardworking bands and musicians, without merch or a store to sell it (let alone months worth of profits that will never be retrieved). We are incredibly grateful to have received some of that merchandise back, and are working hard at rebuilding a new Dispatch merch store that is better than ever before. We'll have new merch, fresh restocks, fun sales, and many other exciting surprises for you all. Until then, we are excited to finally have all of our available vinyl records and CDs set up at a stripped down version of our merch store. Click on the Vinyl and CD tabs to see everything we have in stock, and stay tuned for updates as we bring back our merch store to its full potential. Promise it will be worth the wait!

- B&C