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Break Our Fall - Digital Download

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Includes exclusive access to the "Break Our Fall Sessions"*


1: May We All
2: All This Time
3: One By One
4: As Old As I
5: The Legend Of Connie Hawkins
6: Silent Type
7: Break Our Fall
8: Second Class Soldier
9: Promise Land
10: Born On Earth
11: Greta
12: Elevator Operator
13: Stoned Enough To Gather In The Night
14: The Poet Nurse And The Identical Queen
15: Pour Into You


Spend an hour with Brad and Chad of Dispatch! Preorder Break Our Fall before Friday May 14th at 5pm EST, and you will gain automatic entry into the “Break Our Fall Sessions”. Enjoy a behind the scenes conversation about the making of Dispatch’s 8th studio record, Break Our Fall, get a chance to engage with the guys directly, and be the first fans to hear some of these new songs played live! Sessions will begin June 1st and signups and further details will be sent the week of May 17th.

Along with your preorder, you will receive digital download links for Dispatch's latest single "Born On Earth" as well as already released singles from Break Our Fall: "May We All", "All This Time", "One By One", "As Old As I", "The Legend Of Connie Hawkins". and "Silent Type".